Phuket Mulligans Rules of Play

Updated September 2022

Rules can sometimes be a pain, but in a society or group where people are competing against one another, it is necessary to create the parameters for a level playing field. This way no player has an advantage or a disadvantage. Most of you will know the rules and the reasons for them, but to clarify them, here they are again updated, to be clear and to be an accepted Member of the Phuket Mulligans, you must abide by the rules as follows: -

    • Arrive ready to play at least 10 minutes before your allotted tee time.
    • Complete your scorecard legibly with name, date, tee box, handicap, and exchange cards with one of your playing partners.
    • Remember you are responsible for the correctness of the card you are marking, you, not your caddy must mark the card.
    • On completion of each hole agree both your partners and your own gross and stableford points, enter them on the card you are marking.
    • At the end of the round total up both the gross scores and the stableford points and compare both cards, sign them as player and marker. Illegible or incorrect scores may lead to disqualification.
  1. One Mulligan is permitted on each nine holes; this includes the green An unused Mulligan on the front 9 cannot be carried over to the back 9. A Mulligan shot is not eligible for near pins or a long drive.
  2. If you think your original ball may be lost or unplayable, then you can declare a provisional Mulligan. However, if you find your original ball and it is playable then you must play it. You do not have the option to play your provisional Mulligan ball instead.
    If you declare a Mulligan, then the Mulligan ball is in play under all circumstances.
  3. Lift, Clean and Place........allowed on fairway and closely mown areas around the green only. One stroke penalty if you improve your lie in the rough.
  4. You must play by the Current World Rules of Golf as governed by the R&A. Please learn these and refer to your Blue Canyon Scorecard for Local Rules which stipulate where and how free relief may be taken, e.g., exposed tree roots, flower beds etc along with several other important local rules.
    • (Note USGA and R&A have now agreed on a common set of rules for world golf. USGA govern in the US and R&A worldwide outside of US which is why BC Local Rules specifically reference R&A).
    • It's sad to say, some Mulligan players have been observed improving their lie in the rough, grounding their clubs in a sand trap and taking free relief from an embedded ball in a penalty area. These are all forbidden under penalty of one stroke. Markers take note!
    • Another observed area of abuse is where penalty drops have been taken. Unless a drop area is being used, the point of reference for a penalty drop from a penalty area (e.g., water hazard), is the point at which the ball last crossed the boundary of the hazard. For red stakes this can be a two club lengths lateral drop no nearer the hole and for yellow stakes any distance behind the point of entry in line with the flag. If this happens to be a long distance from where the ball actually landed or splashed and/or a tree, bush etc interferes with the line of sight for the next shot then tough luck. This is the rub of the green.
  5. On the green you must putt out, even for a putt that ends up almost in the hole.
  6. Speed of play - Play ready golf which is allowed under new R&A Rules and keep up with the group in front.

For general etiquette and safety, respect your playing partners, do not talk, or create noise while they are taking their shot, do not walk or drive a buggy ahead of any player who has still to play their shot. On the green, do not walk over other players Putting line, do not stand directly in front or behind a player who is putting.